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Countryside Gender Pay Gap Report

Countryside is committed to fairness, diversity and equality and to reducing our gender pay gap. Our mean gender pay gap was 28% as at 5 April 2019.

Countryside believes in job opportunities for everyone, regardless of gender, and our goal is to create a fully inclusive and diverse culture that reflects the society we live in. We recognise that there is work to do to close the gender pay gap in the construction industry and we are taking positive action as set out below.


Gender Pay and Gender Bonus Gap
Gender Pay and Gender Bonus Gap

The above figures show our overall mean and median gender pay gap based on gross hourly rates of pay paid at 5 April 2019. It also shows our mean and median bonus pay gap for bonuses paid in the year up to 5 April 2019.

The gender pay gap shows the percentage difference in hourly earnings and bonus figures for male and female employees across the workforce, irrespective of job level.

The gender pay gap data is not about equal pay. Equal pay is about ensuring that men and women doing the same or similar jobs are paid the same. At Countryside we recognise the importance of equal pay and we regularly carry out analysis of our pay and policies.

Proportion of employees receiving a bonus
Proportion of employees receiving a bonus

Employees who joined Countryside after 1 October 2018 are excluded from this data because they are not eligible for the bonus scheme for the period under review.

Gender pay gap by quartile
Gender pay gap by quartile

The above image shows the gender distribution across four equally sized quartiles. It shows that a higher proportion of men are in the highest pay quartile, while a higher proportion of women are in the lowest pay quartile. Several jobs within the lowest quartile are administrative / secretarial, the applicants for which have historically largely been women. Construction has traditionally been an industry with a majority male workforce and our business is no different; 69% of our employees are male.

Gender pay gap year on year comparison

Our gender pay gap has remained consistent with our year on year comparison. There was n increase to 92% of females receiving a bonus in 2019. 

This shows that at Countryside, more men are in senior roles than women. As a result of this men are paid more on average than women both in terms of hourly pay and annual bonuses.

Gender pay gap year on year comparison
What the gender pay gap data means

What is Countryside doing about this?

Countryside recognises that the gender pay gap is a significant issue across the construction industry, and as such requires a long-term programme of activity to reduce it.

Improving inclusion and diversity is firmly on the Board agenda. We are implementing a programme with a key focus on developing women in, and encouraging women to join, the construction industry. Our specific initiatives include attracting and nurturing more female talent into our graduate and apprentice schemes, anonymised CVs in the central recruitment process, as well as the continuous review of our people review process implemented in 2017.

There is an increased focus on our policies to ensure we are supporting all our employees. We are encouraging flexible working across the Group. We also continue to review our family-friendly policies to ensure they are competitive when benchmarked externally within our industry. 

Statement of Accuracy

I confirm that Countryside’s gender pay calculations are accurate and meet the requirements of the Regulations.

Nick Worrall Group HR Director
Nick Worrall, Group Chief People Officer