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Our Strategic Vision

We are focused on operating as a more sustainable business. This is to ensure that we take a long-term view of the business, including our environmental performance, alongside our social impact while delivering an exceptional customer experience to everyone who interacts with Countryside.

Strategic priority: Sector-leading growth

We aim to deliver sector-leading growth from our mixed-tenure delivery in Partnerships and develop our industry-leading land bank in Housebuilding.  

  • Growth in sites under construction and open sales outlets 
  • Accelerated build from mixed-tenure delivery
  • Private selling prices set to target areas of strongest demand
  • Geographic and organic growth of Partnerships
  • Revenue growth from increased volume  
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Timber frame factory construction line

Returns: Superior return on capital

Our ambition is to deliver superior returns through leveraging our low capital Partnerships division and improving operational efficiency through greater scale in our Housebuilding division.  

  • Focus on improving gross margin over the medium term
  • Improved operational efficiency from greater scale
  • Use of modular panel construction to increase asset turn  
  • Lower capital model in Partnerships to deliver higher returns
  • Agile model allows flexibility through the cycle, protecting returns 

Resilience: through the cycle performance 

Our strategy is to maintain a position of financial strength while growing the business and generating superior returns, through the cycle, by focusing on mixed-tenure delivery, particularly within Partnerships.  

  • Increased focus on Partnerships allows for greater flexibility  
  • Mixed-tenure development, with private, PRS and affordable homes  
  • Prudent balance sheet with managed level of gearing  
  • Flexible strategic land bank based on options 
  • Strong pipeline of future Partnerships work which underpins growth  
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Beam Park regeneration

Sustainability: taking a long-term view of our business

Our strategy is to deliver the right solutions for our partners and customers with a responsible and sustainable approach that creates a positive legacy.  

  • New developments created with our placemaking expertise focused on long-term positive outcomes  
  • Experts at regeneration and working closely with communities 
  • Record of incremental environmental impact reduction and social value generation 
  • Strong culture of ethical and responsible decision making

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