BE INSPIRED - Surrounded by love

BeInspired - Surrounded by love

Make it a September to remember

There are a few things to consider when organising a get together with the neighbours but trust us, the effort will be worth it. Get together with one or two of the residents on your street and start planning. We’ve got you covered with our top tips...

Pick a venue: Open up your gardens or find a spot of nearby greenspace to host the meet. If you’re choosing a public space, quickly check if you need permission with your local authority beforehand. 

Prepare for a wash out: As much as you plan (and pray) for good weather, you can never rely on it - so if possible, pop up a marquee for shelter - or have a back-up plan in place.

Deliver invites: If you already have a whatsapp group with the neighbours, sending invites will be simple. Failing that, you can get back to the good old traditional method of an invite through the letterbox.


Surrounded by love - neighbour meet and greet


Set the mood: Think about music, entertainment or games - you could even have a theme! Plan the more practical things, like tables and chairs, in advance too. 

Keep people fed, hydrated and happy: Whether you’re planning coffee and a cake or a big BBQ knees-up, ask everyone if they’d rather bring their own refreshments or chip in together - then all that’s left to think about is the menu.


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Recruit some helpers: Make sure you have time to relax and enjoy getting to know your new neighbours as well - don’t spend the whole day running around after everyone else. 

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