Graeme and Ayshen Rouse, St Mary's Island, Kent Graeme and Ayshen Rouse, St Mary's Island, Kent

17 Years Later And We Still Love St Mary’s Island

In 1999, we moved into our first home on St Mary’s Island. Having fallen in love with the landscape and realising its full potential, we knew that we had found a permanent home and location at St Mary’s Island.
Graeme and Ayshen Rouse, St Mary's Island, Kent
Graeme and Ayshen Rouse

We knew that the final part of the island would include Countryside building new homes along the waterfront, hence my ambition, even when purchasing my first home here, to own a property which overlooked the river. Last year, Countryside announced that they were starting work on Azure which left us jumping at the chance to finally move to the home of our dreams.

We will soon be moving into our third home on St Mary’s Island; a five-bedroom Kingfisher overlooking the picturesque Medway river and across to Upnor Castle. Being situated on the water’s edge our new home will be the house that we’ve always dreamed of.

Over the years we have watched houses and great facilities being created here, meaning that we wouldn’t ever have to leave the island! These include a range of bars, restaurants and other amenities in the retail and leisure facility Jetty 5. Just across the bridge to the island, there is also Dockside Outlet Shopping Centre which is home to a pub, supermarket, and over 70 retail outlets.

We’ve lived on the island for over 17 years now and we still love everything about it. We both thoroughly enjoy taking evening strolls around the island. When we lived in our first home here, we would walk around and then sit and chat on a bench before going home, which is something we are looking forward to continuing to do in the future.

Graeme and Ayshen Rouse,
St Mary's Island residents.