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In Conversation With: Hoxton Gardenware

Countryside caught up with Ashleigh Fisk, manager of North London based youth-led not-for-profit enterprise, Hoxton Gardenware, which produces terracotta gardenware and has created pots for our development, Quartet in Clapton Common.

What was the inspiration behind Hoxton Gardenware?

Hoxton Gardenware was formed from Troy Town Pottery, British-born artist, Aaron Angell’s ceramic studio where artists-in-residents create numerous pieces of pottery. Arron decided that he wanted to create a non-profit enterprise to help creative youths in the area, so along with Hadrian Garrard, CEO of Create London, Arron set up Hoxton Gardenware to teach the art of throwing and ceramics to the local community.

We’re now able to find talent that may not have been discovered, as ceramic lessons can easily add up to thousands of pounds, due to the length of time it takes to acquire the skill. So, we’re able to provide a space for free learning and building skills in a friendly and supportive environment. 

We’ve also created a space whereby training up local talent, we can create a cyclical training programme so those we train can then go on to teach.

What influences Hoxton Gardenware’s work?

As we are city-based, and teaching city-based youths a craft, we know that private outdoor space is quite hard to come by, so lots of the pots we make are city pots, perfect for indoor plants and windowsills, much like the pots we created for Quartet.

In terms of inspiration, we draw upon Medieval and Victorian references from around Hoxton.

We also ensure that we use traditional methods connected to British history when teaching and creating.

How do you become a part of Hoxton Gardenware?

At the moment, the best way to find out about us or become a student is through Instagram. We do operate out of quite a small space so at the moment we have seven people, and they all came to us through Instagram. Our age range is between 18 – 24.

What’s next for Hoxton Gardenware?

We’re looking to expand by having a stall at Broadway Market and start-up more youth-lead workshops for locals to get involved in. As we grow, we hope to become financially independent and continue to teach the art of ceramics to create city-inspired pottery.


Hoxton Gardenware is located on 156 Hoxton Street, N1 6SH. See more on Instagram @Hoxton.gardenware

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