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Interior design that will give us joy in 2021

As 2021 begins, home and interior designers alike will be looking at new and exciting trends that will breathe new life into our homes, which have become more than just a place to retreat to.

As a result, we are being drawn to fresh air, greenery and beauty and the new interior designs approaching this year reflect this. 2021 is all about escapism, comfort is king, and natural materials are high on the styling agenda.

Influenced by a desire to retreat, bringing the outside in with dried flowers and indoor plants will become increasingly popular. A playful approach to décor using punchy colours and bold patterns will provide added interest to our rooms and we will say goodbye to whites and greys in favour of warmer neutral tones. Our new appreciation for the natural world has given the colour green a real boost and varying shades of this previously overlooked colour will creep into our homes. Rugs and cushions are an easy way to introduce these elements, refreshing and reinventing the space with surprise splashes of colour.

It’s no surprise that nature inspired finishes have also made the predicted trends list. Jon Pilling, Design Director at design studio Abode comments: “This season will bring textures of faux fur and linens along with retro finishes including wicker, rattan and cane, which are coming back in chairs, headboards and sideboards. Organic colours will be big too with forest green’s, rusts, corals and ochre coming into the shops. Mixing colour’s together in contrast to create little pops of interest and adding humour in artwork will keep people’s homes unique, fun and uplifting.”

Echoing this forecast and highlighting a tendency to make more environmentally ethical choices in design purchases, Andy Richardson, Managing Director at Edward Thomas Interiors adds: “As people’s priorities have changed, so too have trends. Looking ahead, 2021 will seemingly follow a natural, sustainable theme; colours like ecru and clay, a material palette of bamboo, cane and rattan and perhaps more widespread use of upcycled furniture will all be popular. Our challenge is making these punchy, dramatic and luxurious in their own right to continue providing inspiration for house hunters.”

Moving forwards, it looks like the home office is here to stay and there are several different ways to embrace this new requirement. L shaped desks are a great space saver and if you don’t have the luxury of a dedicated office room, room dividers provide a brilliant means to segregate space. It’s about planning space carefully so all the functions are in the right place and catered for. 2020 has also taught us the importance of gaining space outside. Whether its outdoor summer entertaining accessories or creating cosy winter seating areas with fleeces, the emphasis on, maximising our gardens will continue.

Evidently, underpinning new interior trends is a quest for inner calm and there’s plenty to look forward to when it comes to home style in 2021. Channelling this inspiration in your new home will create wonderful spaces that ooze luxury, enjoy functionality and project a wonderful homely warmth. Andy Richardson concludes: “When thinking about decorating your new home, be bold and don’t be afraid of your own style and taste. Instagram and Pinterest are great sources of inspiration, but remember it’s your home so you liking the design is the most important factor.”