Countryside at St James Park Whittington Way colour drawing Countryside at St James Park Whittington Way colour drawing

Countryside at St James Park - Whittington Way

Parcel G2
Parcel G2 on Land South of Whittington Way, Bishops Stortford, CM23 4AA

Countryside Properties has outline planning approval for the mixed-use development at St James’ Park. The information within this website is specific to Countryside’s next residential development phase at Parcel G2. Countryside is currently preparing a reserved matters planning application for the design of 103 new homes on this parcel.

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  • Introduction

    Countryside is progressing a reserved matters planning application for the next phase of residential development at Parcel G2, St James’ Park, Bishops Stortford.

    This exciting proposal will provide the next phase of 103 much needed new homes and demonstrates Countryside’s commitment to the delivery of high-quality homes at this sustainable development.

    Parcel G2 will form part of the St James’ Park development located on the South side of Bishops Stortford which is a wider mixed use development that will provide a variety of uses including new schools, local amenities and public open spaces.

    Countryside at St James Park Whittington Way black and white drawing
  • What’s Proposed

    Parcel G2 Planning

    Countryside has been working closely with the Local Planning Authority to develop plans for Parcel G2 that fit within the approved parameters of the Outline approval (Ref: 3/18/2253/OUT) and meet the needs of Bishops Stortford.

    It is Countryside’s intention to deliver a high quality residential development that will also contribute to the creation of a truly sustainable community at St James’ Park and the wider area of Thorley and Bishops Stortford.

    St James Park Whittington Way master plan
    St James Park Whittington Way Proposed development plan

    The planning parameters and conditions relating to this application that have been incorporated into the design are:

    • Residential use
    • Density of development (up to 35 dwellings per hectare)
    • Storey heights (up to 2 storey on the western edge; and up to 2.5 storeys elsewhere including an allowance of up to 3 storeys for landmark buildings
    • Surrounding green infrastructure including Local Equipped Areas for Play (LEAP) to be provided outside of the development boundary together with new green corridors for surface water attenuation
    • Access and movement (confirming approved access from Obrey Way to the  West through Parcel G2, along the key internal route. There is also an existing Public Right of Way towards the South which must be retained.

    In addition, access into the developable area will be secured from the East-West road which is subject to a separate reserved matters planning application (Ref: 3/21/0717/REM). Other matters will also be considered through conditional applications either to be submitted or to follow.

    Parcel G2 Design

    Parcel G2 is the next phase of Countryside’s residential development at St James’ Park and is pursuant to the outline approval. The proposals for Parcel G2 include:

    • 103 new homes of high quality design utilising a traditional vernacular with the architecture reflecting the local character and rich heritage of Bishop’s Stortford
    • Mixed tenure development providing both private and affordable homes with 40% of the new homes being affordable
    • The majority of the new homes are proposed as 2 storey houses and will have access to private amenity space.
    • All new homes will be designed to be sustainable and accessible to ensure they can be adapted to the changing needs of the resident and the changing environment.
    • The layout has been developed to encourage pedestrian and cycle permeability and with clear links to the surrounding existing and proposed landscapes
    • Sustainable development connecting to both new and existing infrastructure including sustainable urban drainage systems together with community assets such as play areas and new public open space.
    St James Park Whittington Way Proposed development drawing
  • About Countryside

    We are considered one of the UKs leading housebuilders. In 2020 we were awarded the In-House Gold Award for customer satisfaction and are recognised as a 5-star home builder by the Home Builders Federation.

    Countryside believe that where we live matters. We’re passionate about creating places where people aspire to live, where they feel a true sense of belonging.

    Why we are here

    We create places where people love to live, where they feel at home and come together as a community

    What we do

    We design and develop high quality homes and sustainable communities that are not only beautiful but built to last.

    Who we are

    What unites us is our commitment to creating places that people love and communities that continue to grow. We always deliver in the right way, the Countryside way

    How we do it

    We create places people love by designing our homes with future residents in mind, by building more sustainably, by working hand in hand with local communities and partners, and by nurturing a solid team that truly cares

  • About St James Park


    The vision for St James’ Park is a complete community where residents will not only enjoy their new homes but also feel part of a vibrant society with places to shop, spend leisure time and simply just enjoy being. The areas of new housing are linked with green open spaces all accessible via a new network of footpaths and cycleways, connecting with the town-wide routes beyond.

    Extensive new facilities for sports and recreation as well as green open spaces make it an appealing place for all, while families in particular will benefit from the new primary and secondary schools. A new village centre with local shops and employment park will become the heart of the new community.

    St James Park Whittington Way Proposed development drawing
    St James Park Whittington Way Proposed development drawing


    In order to achieve our goals in providing excellence at St James’ Park, our attention has primarily been focussed on generating a scheme that will provide new homes, access to educational establishments and communal spaces. Our proposals for Parcel G2 have built on these established principles and in particular:

    • Taking on board the local community and stakeholders through a partnership and transparent engagement
    • Building high quality homes to a Countryside standard, ensuring brilliance in which people will love
    • Developing architectural designs that are based on local precedents and that integrate the development into the local context. This philosophy will help create long lasting value and places that people love.
    • Providing contemporary landscaping initiatives, utilising the existing environmental features and providing legible pedestrian connections to the wider landscape
    • Maximising Countryside’s capabilities in providing infrastructure to a high standard
  • Planning History


    2018Bishop’s Stortford South (BSS) site allocated in East Herts District Plan (Policy BISH5) for:

    “… a residential-led mixed-use development, to accommodate around 750 new homes by 2027…”

    Masterplan Framework document approved by East Herts District Council.

    2019 - Countryside obtained planning permission (3/18/2253/OUT) for:

    Full Permission –

    • 142 dwellings, inc. affordable homes, on Zone A
    • public open space
    • north-south spine road

    Outline Permission –

    • approx. 608 dwellings, inc. affordable homes, on rest of site
    • up to 4 hectares of employment land
    • care home and local centre, inc. retail and other uses
    • primary and secondary schools
    • public open space, inc. equipped play areas
    • associated infrastructure

    Outline permission bound by five approved ‘Parameter Plans’ .

    Reserved matters application(s) to decide appearance, landscaping, layout and scale.

    2020 Development commenced, including new homes on Zone A, north-south spine road and new secondary school.

    2021 - Countryside now preparing detailed ‘reserved matters’ plans for next phase of development – i.e. Parcel G2.

    St James Park master plan