Alan Cherry Placemaking Award winners 2017

Alan Cherry Placemaking Awards

Countryside, one of the UK’s leading home builders specialising in placemaking and urban regeneration, organises the annual Alan Cherry Debate in memory of the company’s late founder, Alan Cherry CBE DL. The debate is an opportunity to discuss key industry themes and best practices around housebuilding, placemaking and regeneration across the UK.

As part of the event, Countryside also recognises outstanding individuals working in placemaking in the public sector.  

In 2017, these were presented by Graham Cherry, Chief Executive at Countryside Partnerships South, as part of the sixth annual Alan Cherry Debate.

Graham Cherry said: “My late father’s vision was to create places that people enjoy and these awards celebrate good development design, placemaking and sustainable communities. We’re proud to be the only home builder that rewards public sector placemakers in this way. “The aim of this event was twofold: to discuss best practices for regeneration, and to recognise the people who have made incredible contributions to placemaking in their communities.”

Alan Cherry Debate and Placemaking Awards 2018

In 2018, the Alan Cherry Debate and Placemaking Awards returns. Nominations for your placemaking heroes are open and you can do this by visiting: You can also see some of the highlights from last year’s event.