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Partnerships Sustainable Solutions

We aim to improve the lives of those who live in and around our developments by paying close attention to environmental, social and economic sustainability.

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East City Point, Canning Town

Environmental sustainability

Efficient use of materials during and post-construction is an important starting point for us. We’ve introduced procedures that reduced our waste by nearly a quarter in just one year.

Every year we plant thousands of trees to create new landscaped spaces that complement existing natural surroundings.  We incorporate green and brown roofs into as many of our developments as possible.

As well as creating new habitats, these roofs reduce the impact of rainfall and urban heat which can help to reduce climate change 

Energy efficiency is an important building block in our drive towards sustainability. Our average Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) rating, used to measure energy performance of homes, is 85.45 out of 100. This high energy performance score enables customers to make savings on utility bills and emit less carbon dioxide.

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We’ve introduced procedures that reduced our waste
Ways to Buy New Homes
Keir Hardy School, East City Point

Social sustainability

Working with local residents has always been at the heart of our community regeneration programmes. We believe passionately in the importance of building communities, not just homes.

To ensure our projects have positive and lasting effects we support the following:

  • Funding the provision of new community facilities
  • The Countryside Community Fund
  • Involving residents in the design and development process through exhibitions, workshops, surgeries and study tours
  • A resident focus group which advises us of any issues
  • Provision of site-based Resident Liaison Managers
  • A schools programme promoting site safety, careers advice and learning opportunities

The integration of new and existing residents is essential to the creation of a successful community. We facilitate this by providing new homes on a ‘tenure blind’ basis where different tenures are not segregated and by helping to establish estate management arrangements – for instance setting up a Resident Management Company to enable all residents to exert control over the estate.

Economic sustainability

To improve the economic status or residents on deprived estates and neighbourhoods we create employment opportunities across all of our regeneration programmes. Initiatives include:

  • Local labour schemes
  • Training and work experience
  • Jobs for local people through new shopping, leisure and industrial developments
  • Jobs from the ongoing estate management of completed schemes
  • Supporting equal opportunities for women, black and ethnic communities and the disabled
Construction training
Members of our Construction Team

We have more than 25 years’ experience of undertaking Local Labour in Construction schemes on our major estate regeneration projects and source up to 20% of our total employment requirements through them.

We’re committed to making a difference in the community we work and to the quality of life of our customers, who always remain our priority.

We work hard to add value primarily through social, economic and environmental sustainability.