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Supply Chain

Countryside wishes to work with suppliers and sub-contractors who share the same values and who can support our business in a manner that is safe, efficient, reduces adverse effects on the environment and has high ethical standards throughout their own supply chain including their own personnel and practices.

Suppliers and Subcontractors who wish to work for us and with us and support these values are welcomed.

All our supply chain members are required to complete a prequalification process to enable us to ascertain that these values are met and that we also reduce risk to the business by careful selection of approved suppliers and contractors.

Rochester Riverside, Kent

Applying to work with Countryside and Millgate

If you would like to be considered as a potential future consultant, subcontractor and/or supplier to Countryside and Millgate, please see the relevant contact details below.

For consultants

Please email the development/operations department within our regional offices to enquire directly:

For subcontractors

You should email the commercial department within our regional offices to enquire directly:

For suppliers

Please email [email protected]

For Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment Agencies interested in become a supplier must register their interest at Only companies on our Preferred Suppliers List are able to work with us.