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Countryside recognise that whilst we aim to have a positive effect on the Communities in which we operate, the existing and future residents may have concerns about negative effects from our construction and the future life of our developments.

We are committed to creating ‘Places People Love’ not just for our customers but for those residents and businesses in the local area. To this end we have in place processes to ensure any possible negative effects are mitigated and to liaise with those who may be affected by our operations.

When planning a new development we will engage with the local community through consultation events including presentations, meetings and requests for input and feedback. We will also carry out impact assessments to identify risks to health and wellbeing, human rights and the environment including any ecological risks.

We appreciate that the local community has a right to enjoy their homes and working environment without nuisance caused by our works and our sites have stringent procedures in place to reduce noise and dust and nuisance which may be caused by additional vehicular traffic both during the construction period and post construction.

We engage with the local community through a variety of means during the construction process, via newsletters, noticeboards and on large regeneration projects the presence of a Resident Liaison Officer.

The Company has in place a system for handling complaints that may arise from the local community and any complaints or concerns raised are investigated thoroughly and if required corrective actions put in place to prevent reoccurrence.

The majority of our sites are registered to the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

We work to bring benefits to the local community including economic benefits by the employment of local labour where possible, use of local suppliers and the additional economic benefits from additional council tax into the local authority funds, use of local retailers and business and services by new residents and the enhancement of the environment on and surrounding our developments with improvements in green spaces and infrastructure.

South Acton Tree of Life artwork photo
South Acton, Tree of Life