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Climate Change

In the last twenty years the need to protect the environment and slow down climate change has been recognised and highlighted more than any time before. Businesses have become more aware of their responsibilities towards environmental protection. The United Nations, European Union and United Kingdom government have reacted to this by driving legislation designed to lessen environmental impact and control and reduce carbon emissions, especially from the commercial sector.

Countryside recognises its corporate responsibility to ensure a committed and responsible approach to Climate Change risk and to reduce our associated impacts caused by the management and operation of our sites, offices and construction activities.

We monitor our energy use and waste production and management at corporate and site level and have put in place objectives and targets to reduce our energy use, waste production and associated greenhouse gas emissions.

We monitor improvements in technology and best practice in our industry to ensure that we are able to identify more efficient equipment and materials to improve the climate resilience of our properties and reduce the impacts of our operations throughout the construction process.

We install low energy technologies and appliances in our properties enabling our customers to operate their homes in a more energy efficient manner thus reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and associated energy and water charges.