Woodland scene


Countryside is committed to preserving biodiversity and enhancing it where possible as part of our developments.

The majority of our developments undergo an Ecological Assessment at an early stage to identify any species and areas of ecological interest on or adjacent to our sites including any invasive species which may have to undergo specialist removal. In FY2017 these surveys took place on 95 per cent of our developments.

We aim to integrate and enhance existing ecological features and will clearly identify and communicate to our site staff and subcontractors any areas of ecological value that must be protected or are being retained as part of our landscape design.

Where protected species are identified as being present or may present themselves on or near to our site we engage Ecology Experts to ensure we can protect and monitor our effect in order to ensure they are not disturbed by our activities. This may include putting in place a Biodiversity Action Plan, a Post Development Landscape Management Plan or by designating and segregating Ecological Protection Zones or Tree Protection Zones.

Our landscaping schemes are designed to provide areas for biodiversity to thrive in conjunction with providing outdoor space for our residents and the local community, thus creating a healthier environment for all.

In FY2017:

4,754 trees were planted

268,382 shrubs were planted

22% of our development had green or brown roofs installed