Cornfield Scene


Pollution caused by construction activities has many effects. Damage to the environment and associated biodiversity, damage to health and nuisance to the local community.

Countryside is committed to reducing these risks on site and works with our site staff, suppliers, contractors and the local community to control possible causes of pollution.

All sites have in place procedures to ensure the safe storage and use of chemicals including diesel and other fuels and protection of at risk receptors. Training is provided to all on site regarding these issues and emergency procedures are in place to deal with any accidental release.

We communicate with suppliers and contractors pre start on site and during site works regarding requirements for vehicles making deliveries to site to reduce noise and vehicle emissions which may cause nuisance to the local community.

Restricted working hours are in place on all our sites to reduce nuisance from noise at weekends and out of hours. Noise and dust levels are monitored on site and systems to control these are in place.

All Countryside sites are registered for the Considerate Constructor Scheme.