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Human Rights

Our Vision and Objective

Countryside has a responsibility to protect the human rights of our employees, sub-contractors working in our premises and sites, our investors and those affected by our works within the local community and throughout our supply chain.

We expect everyone working with us or on our behalf to support and uphold the following measures to ensure that the human rights of all parties are respected and upheld.

We have a zero tolerance approach to Modern Slavery within our organisation and that of our Supply Chain, and the same approach to the use of Child Labour. Neither are tolerated and our commitment is detailed in full in our Modern Slavery Policy and Business Ethics and Code of Conduct Policy.

We make our policies available to our employees, sub-contractors and suppliers and non-compliance is not permitted and will be investigated and dealt with in accordance with our disciplinary procedures with reference to our employees and by ceasing to use contractors and suppliers who participate in such practices.

We are aware that although we as a business do not operate in high risk countries where these practices may be in place, there is a risk inherent in the industry in which we operate and we may also purchase materials which originate or are handled in places of risk. To ensure compliance all our Suppliers and Contractors are required to state their own compliance and that of their supply chain during the prequalification process.

Further information on how we protect the Human Rights of our Employees can be found in our Human Resources and Training Section and those of the Communities we operate in in our Communities Section.