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Our Approach to Sustainability

In a year of upheaval where our bedrooms and kitchens became our offices and our local area became our entire world, it has never been more important to create places people love. Places where we can connect with the nature on our doorstep. Places where people have access to community, local shops, schools and other essentials.

For Countryside, that also means playing our part to respond to the big challenges that go beyond our business; the challenges that can affect the health and happiness of our people, our communities and our environment. To do this, we must have a clear vision of what we want to do and an approach that is focused, ambitious and most importantly, impact-driven. 

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We have also looked closely at where we make the most impact as a business on our communities, society and the environment and have worked with our people, partners and investors, to make sure we focus our efforts in the right areas. 

Our approach to sustainability is focused on three key areas over the next five to ten years:

  • Our operations and the homes we build
  • The communities we help to create and how we leave a positive legacy
  • Supporting our people so they can continue to deliver beautiful places that people love

We want to deliver real, lasting and positive impact. So, we have set a number of ambitious commitments and 25 targets to keep us focused.

 Read more about our approach to sustainability over the next five to 10 years:

Countryside Sustainability Approach.pdf


Sustainability report 2020.pdf


Embedding sustainability into our everyday at Countryside will help us achieve the 25 ambitious targets set out in our sustainability approach.

Critical to our success in achieving our vision and approach will be collaboration with industry colleagues to find innovative solutions to the myriad of shared sustainability challenges we face.

Our membership in the UKGBC supports this by bringing the industry together, providing learning content, and driving and highlighting innovation.

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Countryside has joined forces with the UK Green Building Council